Rain, you see . . .

With the years once were,

With the heart that once was,

With the silence I went,

With the drops, you rain on me.

The steps I took, no one saw.

The words I spoke, no one heard.

The beatings of my heart, were left to fall.

With the drops, you rain in me.

For the time now ceases to end,

For the places I go unseen,

For the feelings they lack,

With the drops, you rain through me.


Journey of the moments #21

Sunday afternoon, the fleeting time, the end of time in peace comes. How strange when I close my eyes, when my soul is asleep in reality, I feel awake. Yet, when eyes open, heaviness lands on me, which I yearn to sleep, and I am no longer awake.

Journey of the moments #20

Life is a battlefield, why create more heartaches if one can lessen the pain?  If in a relationship or say you love someone, please stay faithful in mind, heart, body and say the truth always, no matter what it is… and do not flirt(with others).  Before you start a relationship with someone, if you happen to be one of these, say the truth at beginning: “Hey, I’m married or in relationship but I want you / Hey, don’t know if I love you, like you, lust after your body, but I fall in and out of love cos I get bored often, so if you want a wild ride then join me… but I will let you know when I don’t want you or like another / Hey, I’m the type can love more than one at the same time, can you handle that?”

Journey of the moments #19

As humans we all have a heart, and we all suffer when our heart tears apart when being tricked, cheated, used, or taken for granted.  If this is so, why must the abuser keep doing that when he/she doesn’t want to be hurt.  Why can’t one be 100% truthful? Why tell someone that you love him/her when truly you don’t or even love someone else?

Black Rain

Rumors say I might have run away.

Rumors say I might have been hiding.

Rain, rain, rain…

Please whisper to the living,

How that no one says,

When some at one time,

Approached with a smile…

In an isolated place.

Inside of me, they milked.

Inside of me, I ruptured.

Blackened is my blood.

Now, in pieces I lay,

Few feet beneath, naked and cold.

Miles from here, perhaps under the forest ground,

Maggots have eaten my limbs.

Rain, rain, rain…

Flood the valley if you can,

Resurface me,

Perhaps I can be found.



Journey of the moments #18

Many say when you wait for someone, is a waste of time and a waste of yourself.   Yet, if the person is the one, then perhaps you should wait, so that years later, you don’t need to wonder “what if I had waited…” Since life has many obstacles… not every couple can be together without the wait.  What are your thoughts, readers and writers?

Rain Words

Since time has escaped,

If you think of me,

Then look at the falling rain.

For the road between us,

Has been erased,

If you ponder of times I dream of us,

Then count the drops when they fall.

One day…if you do miss me,

Wait under the rain–

Catch the falling drops into a jar,

With this ink,

Write me a few words.