Good Books?

Hello my friends, readers and writers, I’ve been wanting to read few good novels the last one year but can’t find the ones that keep me going. Do you have suggestions for me? My all time favorite books are The Great Gatsby, The Awakening, Mrs. Dalloway, The Hours, Jude the Obscure, The Reader, Good Morning Midnight, Call Me by Your Name, Housekeeping, Under the Tuscan Sun…Do you know of great novels that were written in the last decade?  As a writer, I must read in order to improve my writing skills.  The books you recommend, I shall read.  Thank you.

Journey of the moments #15

While editing A Rainy Heart, mind wanders to another place,  the forgotten era of time past.  Words appear so I write them down, for the next novel yet uncertain of the title.  My friends,  readers and writers, what are your thoughts on these few lines?  Thank you.

Journey of the moments #13

Sometimes the heart cannot ease in the night, such as this day, passing by once a year without someone nearby.  Blessed for the ones who have another to share this February 14.  As for the unwanted, to toss the heart into the air for someone to catch, which may fall bruised when slipped again, or to let it beat inside until it dries out…?

Journey of the moments #12

A quiet afternoon with my ongoing manuscript reminds me I must edit.  Having no problems with the structural editing, I wonder if I follow all the rules in  revising my novel would ruin the voice or the poetic language? As in the unedited version of A Rainy Heart, seen on the posts, will I jeopardize the true voice of the protagonist and the language rhythms if I enforce every editing tip?  What do you think, my readers and writers?

Journey of the moments #10

The rain has continued.  It falls and stretches, like silk, curtains the sky from heaven.  I watch, the drops fall, the poem RAIN by Edward Thomas appears…because of this poem, it has inspired me to write a novel Bleak Rain…yet unfinished…don’t know if I can write 2 novels at the same time?