Letter to unknown love, #1

My Love,

It has been a few years since I let you be the owner of my heart.  Each day seems longer than the day before as words from my letters and messages might have not been read, or that you have forgotten to reply the last seven seasons.  Or maybe you have been occupied with admirers that you have not the time to respond, but that doesn’t end the increased feelings I have built in this heart, though never once have I seen what you look like, not even for one second.  Once in a while I can hear your voice on the other end of phone line, and during those moments, I do not see an image of you, but only a voice that warms my entire being.

Time seems to stand still when I wonder if you ever come to see me, even if just for one minute, yet as I look at my hands, skin now dries with more wrinkles, time has not waited for you and me.  At times I wish I could turn into air, for the wind to carry me to by your side, then i can surround you with my warmness, yet you won’t be bothered by my existence.


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Besides the love for arts, I am fascinated with words that depicted the human mind and heart. I live in southern California and spend all free time when not working to dream, read, write, draw, and paint. Please note that all my writings on Wordpress are unedited since I write the words as they appear in mind at the moment.

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