Rain Watch

We now sit,

You and I,

As the rain drops from the sky.

You say,

“We are the drops,

You and I,

Side by side.”

And the drops fall, 

Parallel onto the ground,

Sink into earth,

Separate to the bottom of darkness.


Rain Falls

I hear the rain

And the mind wonders

I see the rain 

And the heart ponders

I watch the rain 

And the body thunders

I count the rain

And the soul sunders.

Journey of the moments #16

Last night I decided to post chapter 1 of A Rainy Heart on Wattpad, realizing no category for Contemporary Fiction or Literary Fiction; thus, it was posted under the least popular section of General Fiction.  Not knowing if my writing is not good enough, or because of the category I chose, only one reader on my post.  I wonder if this novel could fit under Romance, or should I write a romance novel one day?  What are your thoughts, my friends?

Good Books?

Hello my friends, readers and writers, I’ve been wanting to read few good novels the last one year but can’t find the ones that keep me going. Do you have suggestions for me? My all time favorite books are The Great Gatsby, The Awakening, Mrs. Dalloway, The Hours, Jude the Obscure, The Reader, Good Morning Midnight, Call Me by Your Name, Housekeeping, Under the Tuscan Sun…Do you know of great novels that were written in the last decade?  As a writer, I must read in order to improve my writing skills.  The books you recommend, I shall read.  Thank you.

Journey of the moments #15

While editing A Rainy Heart, mind wanders to another place,  the forgotten era of time past.  Words appear so I write them down, for the next novel yet uncertain of the title.  My friends,  readers and writers, what are your thoughts on these few lines?  Thank you.