Journey of the moments #1

In this solitude, when everyone else has been occupied, being alive to acknowledge the 5 senses still function, moments are beauty. Each second counts, even when we fall asleep or gaze at the unseen air. There is no such “nothing” and thus, don’t let anyone say, “Why are you doing nothing?” Knowing that I am breathing; this is the first accomplishment I must embrace. Perhaps in others’ eyes my time now is just futile as no concrete material has been produced, but I capture the moments and do what is best for me now, is the key to a living being. Be yourself!


Love it Now says:

January 16, 2017 at 2:32 pm

you’re right 🙂we are living in the world where the production of material things is a measure of our worth. When I showed my blog to my father and told him about all those fascinating things coming out of blogging he only asked “what do you get from this in the material sense? Nothing? no gain? So what’s the sense?”. So thank you for all your likes today, knowing that someone is reading and maybe liking is enough for me.
Daal says:

January 31, 2017 at 5:22 am

lovely writing here – so glad you visited my blog – especially as its led me to yours 🙂


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Besides the love for arts, I am fascinated with words that depicted the human mind and heart. I live in southern California and spend all free time when not working to dream, read, write, draw, and paint. Please note that all my writings on Wordpress are unedited since I write the words as they appear in mind at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Journey of the moments #1”

  1. This blog of yours strikes a poetic punch to awakening our reality senses. The moment to appreciate the now and questions the very fabric of who we are as a human species.

    Excellent writing.

    By the way, thank you for liking one of my blogs. I think it was my release of my first book. Also, you live in California as well? Awesome! we are neighbors. I mean that in a California sense. 🙂 hahahaha!!!

    My name is Charlie Zero the Poet by the way, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. How long have you been blogging here on WordPress? oh! just curious…how did you find my page?

    You seem like a very interesting person and so I had to follow your page, and thank you for following mines. 🙂

    P.S Hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Charlie Zero the poet

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