Journey of the moments #18

Many say when you wait for someone, is a waste of time and a waste of yourself.   Yet, if the person is the one, then perhaps you should wait, so that years later, you don’t need to wonder “what if I had waited…” Since life has many obstacles… not every couple can be together without the wait.  What are your thoughts, readers and writers?


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Besides the love for arts, I am fascinated with words that depicted the human mind and heart. I live in southern California and spend all free time when not working to dream, read, write, draw, and paint. Please note that all my writings on Wordpress are unedited since I write the words as they appear in mind at the moment.

7 thoughts on “Journey of the moments #18”

  1. Whether you decide to wait or decide to go, the truth is everything is happening in divine perfect timing. Trust yourself, trust God, follow your heart. Have no fear, what was meant to be, will be. Good luck!

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  2. I think “the one” is a multiple choice. People come in and out of your life all the time. Anyone could have been the one, or could be the one. You just have to go with your gut and pick the one that makes you feel like You’re the one.

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  3. When you really find the one, you will know it without ever thinking the one is someone else. If you are not yet ready to be with the one, the Universe will make you wait until the Universe has made you ready.

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  4. I believe love is a choice, not a feeling. Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages talks about the “true love experience” which is the first two years. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this. I have to choose to continue to invest in my marriage. When one person stops investing, it starts declining. What happens when you stop investing in a business? In a garden? In a job? I do agree with you waterdove, honesty is key.

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