Sample book cover 2

Do you like this or the others more? Thank you. 


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Besides the love for arts, I am fascinated with words that depicted the human mind and heart. I live in southern California and spend all free time when not working to dream, read, write, draw, and paint. Please note that all my writings on Wordpress are unedited since I write the words as they appear in mind at the moment.

19 thoughts on “Sample book cover 2”

      1. Hi! How are you? Hope you are making a steady progress with your book and have finalised the book cover. Wishing you success in all your endeavours. Lots of love. Veena

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      2. Thank you.. how have you been? It would be so great if you’re my neighbor. I am working on the poetry collection first as it is much faster writing poems than revising the novel. Once I have the first book completed I will let you know.

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      1. Hi ! I am so sorry to hear about it . Are you mobile or is your movement restricted ? I wish I could do something for you but you will always be in my prayers. God bless!

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