Hello sweet souls 

Lately this site doesn’t work well on my phone which I haven’t been here much.  I just submitted the poetry book manuscript to Amazon book on demand… couldn’t use my book cover so I had to select one of the pics by Amazon publisher.  The book is being reviewed now and once approved, it won’t be released until a month later.  Thank you everyone here for supporting and encouraging me…


Journey of the moments #17

For the rain has brought meanings to each one of us, I have decided to write a collection of poems about rain.  At times I ponder upon where to end each.  And now, I wonder how many poems must there be in a collection of poetry when I want to publish them to a book? These verses come to mind within seconds as I write them down.  I hope you, my friends, don’t mind the unedited words that sparkle in the spur of moments.

Journey of the moments #12

A quiet afternoon with my ongoing manuscript reminds me I must edit.  Having no problems with the structural editing, I wonder if I follow all the rules in  revising my novel would ruin the voice or the poetic language? As in the unedited version of A Rainy Heart, seen on the posts, will I jeopardize the true voice of the protagonist and the language rhythms if I enforce every editing tip?  What do you think, my readers and writers?