Journey of the moments #25

True love is unconditional, it comes naturally so please don’t force by words,  feelings, actions, or sex on anyone. If you are in love with someone, please show your love.  If you’re not in love, then tell the person the truth… so that one doesn’t misunderstand or endure the prolonged wait and pain.


Journey of the moments #22

As I was texting to a friend this morning about how fast paced life has been, I said, “I think humans should slow down a bit as we have just one life…a waste to rush, not enjoying the moments, is a gentle suicide.”

With the Rain

If you wish to die

For which the reasons may be,

I shall not stop thee.

With beauty and innocence

That you were created,

Why make a mess

When now will be your past?

Near and far from the humans, 

Let’s stop by the dampened sand

And watch the waves,

As I gather my tears 

To rain upon you one last time.

Journey of the moments #4

When I woke up, realizing that life is here still, I think of a news about a young teenager who hung herself recently. I wish I could be there… No one is worth for a person to end her/his life, and no reason is worth for one to commit suicide. No matter how this life may be, each living being has just one life on earth. When we are happy, or sad, perhaps we have someone to share with. Yet when one dies, then dies alone. No one will die for us, just like no one will be ill for us. Embrace each second, disregard all the negatives in life, because when one shuts down his/her life, one sees and feels the complete hollow that words can never describe.