Rain Cries

Blessed are the ones 

Who sleep in the lover’s arms

Through the night.

Cry not the ones 

Who share the bed 

Without another 

Especially on the rainy nights,

For the tears in your heart 

Have been kept

By the falling drops. 

Smile if you can

As the rain breathes 

Along with your heartbeats. 



How do I miss you,

One would not know.

When words are said,

I hear echoes.

When objects appear,

I see particles.

How do I miss you,

I would not know.

To feel is all I have,

When the heart peels 

Each moment you aren’t here.

Rain Kiss

Centuries have I waited . . .

Now you’re here,

Born in human form

When I am not.

Blowing as the wind,

Falling as the rain,

Allow me the closeness.

Meet me when the sky darkens

As I shall seep into your flesh

With fallen drops.

Rain Poet

Because I often gaze 

At the drops

Falling from the sky,

Seeing the souls…

Hearing not the voices 

Among the streets,

Humans call me heartless. 


Day and night I look at the sky,

When it clears in blue, I wait.

At times the clouds gather,

They gloom and I chant.

From above, you fall in strands.

From below, I stand in bareness. 

She Walks in Rain

In the rain she walks.

Along the side the birds watch.

Her hair, 

Soaked the color of crow’s feathers.

From their wings, darkened…

The drops drip.

Side by side, they stroll…

Listening to the raindrops

Bounce on puddles, 

Surrounding their feet.

With the Rain

If you wish to die

For which the reasons may be,

I shall not stop thee.

With beauty and innocence

That you were created,

Why make a mess

When now will be your past?

Near and far from the humans, 

Let’s stop by the dampened sand

And watch the waves,

As I gather my tears 

To rain upon you one last time.