With the Rain

If you wish to die

For which the reasons may be,

I shall not stop thee.

With beauty and innocence

That you were created,

Why make a mess

When now will be your past?

Near and far from the humans, 

Let’s stop by the dampened sand

And watch the waves,

As I gather my tears 

To rain upon you one last time.


The Rain in Me

Because you said you love me,

I replaced the sky

To the color of your eyes.

By the moments of day and night,

I weave the clouds,

Forming images of your mind.

Do you not hear me

When I thunder through the air?

Do you not see me

When I rain you with my blood?

Into the particles, this soul

Forever lives by your side,

Can you feel me?

Journey of the moments #17

For the rain has brought meanings to each one of us, I have decided to write a collection of poems about rain.  At times I ponder upon where to end each.  And now, I wonder how many poems must there be in a collection of poetry when I want to publish them to a book? These verses come to mind within seconds as I write them down.  I hope you, my friends, don’t mind the unedited words that sparkle in the spur of moments.

Rain Watch

We now sit,

You and I,

As the rain drops from the sky.

You say,

“We are the drops,

You and I,

Side by side.”

And the drops fall, 

Parallel onto the ground,

Sink into earth,

Separate to the bottom of darkness.